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  • The Global Monitor Platform

    The Global Monitor Platform

    Going beyond estimation, PEM is pioneering Direct Measurement, Verification and Accounting (MVA) for GHGs in Real-Time and Across the LandscapeLearn More

  • Carbon Capture and Storage

    Carbon Capture and Storage

    PEM is Developing Unique Instrumentation and MVA Approaches to Detect and Quantify Potential Leakage from CCS Projects to Ensure Human and Ecosystem Health and to Validate CCS CreditsLearn More

  • Forest Carbon

    Forest Carbon

    PEMs System of Systems Integrates MVA and Financial Products for Forest Projects Anywhere on the Planet. Visit www.pemforest.com for more information.Learn More

  • Carbon Codex®

    Carbon Codex®

    PEMs Carbon Financial Instruments Reduce Risk with innovative environmental products accessible to diverse investorsLearn More